CURAT stands for

Cognitive Surgical Assistance

Supporting and Training Surgeons' Congnitive Abilities

We develop games and training software that prepares surgeons for the complex spatial displacements involved in minimally invasive procedures.
Sonification, the guidance by sounds, is used to provide support as addition to visual sensor technology.



  • 5 mini games
  • Campaign and Arcade Mode
  • Classic and new game concepts
  • low-poly graphics
  • Statistics and achievements
  • The Games

Two Principles — Many Skills

Teaching the principles of sonification and strengthening spatial (re)thinking are tasks that require many skills. Breaking down these skills and training them specifically is one of the essential aspects of our project work.


  • Basic recognition and differentiation of the six half-axes
  • Recognize individual axes from a superposition of up to three axes
  • Being able to react to the change of the sound
  • Being able to estimate the distance based on the intensity of the sound
  • Find the most direct route between the player and the target

Spatial Cognition

  • Understanding and precise control of the input
  • Better and faster capture of a perspective rethink
  • Faster adaptation with a system in which both view and controls are swapped or distorted.
  • Quick and precise rethinking, both with changing controls and view.
Project presentation

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Project ideas
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The Project

Our games playfully improve spatial thinking. Both visually and audibly.

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The Team

This project is the product of collective work of different groups, such as gamification, adaptivity and controls.