Piñata Party

You are blindfolded and candy is your goal. Try to hear the piñata and smash it with your bat.
Collect as much as possible in 10 rounds.

A piñata was hung in the garden and must be smashed. Along one of three axes the player can aim and choose a position. The sonification points the way and adapts with the movement. The closer the club hits, the more points the player can collect in the ten rounds of the game.

Noisy Nuts

A hat player tries his left hand at you, but you can win. Follow the shell with the walnut or recognize it by the sound.

There are walnuts on various tables in the garden, under one of which is the nut. The player can watch the mixing of the shells, but the faster it gets, the more he has to rely on his hearing. The sound cannot be influenced by the player, but must be recognized directly.

Urban UFO

Steer your UFO over the city and abduct the wanted person. But make sure you beam the right person. Can he escape you?

In a city full of little people, the player tries to get to the top of the world with his UFO to abduct just the right one. To help, there is an advertisement about its appearance and approximate distance, but sonification gives often clearer indications. The sound changes depending on how the UFO is heading towards the target. If the player hovers over a person, it activates the beam and sucks the person in. The aim is to collect as many targets as possible before time runs out.

Dancing Darts

Prove yourself at the dartboard and hit the right field. Get as many hits as you can before you run out of lives!

A dartboard is divided into fields and rings. The sonification marks the right field by the specific tone. The aim is to hit the correct field directly with the dart. The player cannot change the sonification, but must rely on what he has learned so far.

Sounding Submarine

You are alone in the dark sea trying to find your way back. Only sonification can save you. Do your best!

The player steers a submarine through the ocean and tries to reach goals on his way without leaving the playing area. Because it is very dark in deep water, the targets are not visible, but can only be heard. The sound changes relatively to the position between submarine and target. A light can be used to help find the target. But the lamps consume energy, which has to be saved up well until the end of the level.

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The Project

Our games playfully improve spatial thinking, both visually and audibly.

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The Team

This project is the product of collective work of different groups, such as gamification, adaptivity and controls.